Walls (electric)

from by Cold Wrecks

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Empty thoughts on the side of the road. Oh, the depths that we sink to, to cover our hate. Bumper stickers fill my head with smoke. I want to smash in your window and scream it in your face. But if I wanted to be a preacher, I would have stayed in church, and everyone could bow their heads and know that all my words were descended from the heavens and we could all decide how to lock out all the sinners so that we could sleep at night. And I’ve got fire burning strong. And we both know that we’re not wrong. So turn those fists to open arms ‘cause we could do so much better than building walls. And it’s so easy to forget we know that the bastards we’re fighting are still flesh and bone. And if we can’t be patient then they’ll never learn ‘cause “fight fire with fire,” we’re all gonna burn. And if I wanted to be a soldier, I would have gone to war. And all of us could shoot our guns in the name of the higher cause. But I’m emptying my cartridges ‘cause I’ve been fired on. And a bloody mess is all that’s left when everybody’s gone. (Vizzi)


from Tiny Refuge, released October 13, 2015



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Eli Whitney & The Sound Machine Brooklyn, New York

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