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Nerd Ferguson Favorite bandcamp album! It's like Dropkick Murphy's added three saxes and tried to sound like Streetlight Manifesto. Great, great sound. Favorite track: Objective.
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released November 23, 2011

Recorded in August 2011 at Cellar Door Studios in Amityville, NY.
Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Tom Kelly.

Eli Whitney & The Sound Machine is:

Mike Vizzi - Vocals, Guitar
Craig Shay - Vocals, Bass
CJ Dunaieff - Drums
Ben Hennessy - Alto Sax, Vocals
Samson Flancbaum - Trombone, gang vocals
Lisa Grimaldi - Baritone Sax, gang vocals
Frank Ferro- Tenor Sax, gang vocals

Additional musicians:

Annette Storckman - Vocals on "Us", gang vocals
David Lin - Trumpet on "Ghost Song"
Dave Dreifus - Gang vocals

Album art by Janice Feng, concept by Robert Stone



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Eli Whitney & The Sound Machine Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: My Response To A Stephen Jerzak Concert
Jokes on me I'm driving again
I'll be there by 3 in the morning
These 5 week transitions don't breed inspiration
I'm looking for new normalcy

We're not always where we want to be
In a room with 100 sweating bodies
We do what we need with who we're with
And who am I to judge?

These little girls they clap and cheer for everything
Do these guys feel like trained dolphins?
It's sure as hell better than work
And it's really hard to make this work

Words over cellphones in a smokey room
I had a feeling this wouldn't end soon
I'd kill for a drink but it's not the time
I don't hate goodbyes, let's say goodbye

Fuck stereotypes and fuck ignorance
Fuck this smallmindedness
You might hate growing up
But I hate people acting like kids

If you fill your head with garbage it'll come out your mouth
Yeah, this is fun but is it all you're about?
Playing it safe you've got me falling asleep
It doesn't matter how loud it matters what you mean
Track Name: Ridgewood
I always forget why
I do the things I swear I love
When all that I've been dreaming of seems like
An ideal I've already laid to rest

And I give up so easily
On my community
But I can see you mean the things you say

We'll make it through another day
Before the feeling fades away

So let's make every night
Another reason to never lay down and die
And I know it's a losing fight
But I guess we can forget that for tonight
In all these different places
Strangely familiar faces
These empty wallets, burning lights, hungry hearts and sleepless nights
And I'll whisper from this rooftop
This feels right

We can take another shot
Chase our problems away
Let's throw darts at everything that we have yet to face

All we could ever want is free
We deserve what we can get
And we'll get what we deserve

A calm after the storm is all I know
You fix the sails I'll fix the bow!

I'll scream it from this rooftop
Track Name: Us
What I wouldn't give to live in that moment
A break from the sameness for my mouth screaming passion
A wild civility, and a brief unity
It's happened before, it's a welcomed rehashing

I'm a young child who can't get the words out
I feel them like nausea in the back of my throat
My thoughts are my confession of your indirect hostility

I'm seeing figures in a different lighting
I am constrained by my residual plans
I'm being told to measure methodology
As I find one that speaks to me

There's a ringing in my ears that I can't quite move on from
There's an aching in my side that reminds me where I've been
Show me your teeth 'cause I'm falling asleep
And when you're all done you'll get up and leave
Track Name: Ghost Song
Well there's a ghost in the attic and he lives above my head
And he scared my parents straight with all the stories that they read
And he used to scare me too, hell, he scared me the most
But I'm getting way too old
And I don't believe in ghosts

And when the congregation sang I never felt so alone
And my stomach almost turned on the ride back home
And the madman said that one bad day could drive a decent man insane
It's been three hundred sixty five
And we are still alive

But it's over now
And the wind's died down
And I can't remember if I ever heard a sound
And the sounds keep ringing in my head at night
And I can't remember if I ever slept right
But sweet dreams are made of lies
And I can't help but sympathize
With the dreamers and the bastards and the saints and the guilty sons
We'll be haunted to the grave
Or until the ghosts have won
Track Name: Don't Ask Me
1 day, and 2 days, and 363 more ways
And now we're back where we started again
Can't you see that we agree? There's more to this than you and me
So we stay static, the tragedy's end

And what's concerning is there's no discerning
Between the days and the nights, they just float right by
I may be earning but what am I learning?
Except to kill the time and now I'm dead on arrival

Dealing with your problems doesn't come so easily

If you ask me what to say
If you ask me
If you ask me what to say

If you ask me what to say
If you ask me
If you ask me what to say I'll say don't ask me

So together we'll whether the trials and errors
Can't even stop now 'cause you've got me in your sights
And I think better of you
You think this song isn't true
But rest assured, there's more than meets the eyes

The days go faster and faster while we're writing our own disaster
Do you really see a bright light at the end?
This tunnels going down and we're leaving town
Time's running out for us to make amends

Dealing with your problems doesn't come so easily
Track Name: Irrelevant Act
I'm tired of trying to get what everyone's going for
Of making explanations nobody cares for
My motive is necessity
I think this crowd thinks less of me
I think this town thinks less of me

Everyone's forgot their teenage years
It's act like an adult or act like a child
I don't know what's good anymore
I just nod and I just smile because

I am the irrelevant act
I am the one who doesn't let go
I can never try hard enough
If I want a place I have to make my own

I made some plans
But then 2 years went by
People come and go
It's all just chance you know?

I'm not a right place right time type of guy
And I second guess the choices I have made
I did what I could in the past but I've past where I've wanted to be
Where I've wanted to be because

I am the irrelevant act
I am the one who doesn't let go
I can never try hard enough
If I want a place I have to make my own
Track Name: We Never Really Move On Anyway
Talking the ground never felt so much like a conversation and I can't imagine the talks you've head, and I know you're afraid that you'll fly too far away, but he always said he just wanted to watch you fly.

And no matter what the distance, he'll never be too far from your side because a body's just a body, but memories never die.

Moving away, it's not the same as moving on. We never really move on anyway.

Before they take you away
Before you move on

Just remember to remember
Track Name: Objective
I’ve got no objective, I’ve got no motivation. I’m too tired to focus, I’m too scared of rejection. Signals are failing, thoughts are running through me. I’m too tired to focus, my eyes are blurry but I’m trying to see. “Why,” he said, and he hung it on his ceiling. Pointed out in conversation, why? “Want,” I said, what do any of us want, when it’s time to make decisions now? “Fear,” she said, but she told me with her eyes, always surrounded by the guys, sometimes I’m one, but she’d never get too close, ‘cause if she did she’d be a ghost, no longer a dream, but a memory. Is it all a distraction? Is that everything I do? Should I forget what I knew for something different? And forget all that I know? Is everything for show? It’s time we made a choice. Is anything important? I take it all too seriously. I should just live my life free with no direction. Intention…what am I trying to accomplish? Try to make everybody happy, try to make myself happy, but when the party’s getting late, sometimes it’s more than I can take, and the feelings overcome me, when the feelings overrun me, and I’ll hate myself tomorrow, when none of this follows me home.
Track Name: 22 Hours
Twenty-two hours down I-95, all this distance just to know we’re alive. A week on a beach without any waves. We’ll just make our own for all that we gave. Well there’s something wrong here, but I can’t quite figure out what it is. I enjoy the day but I stay up all night. What happens when the writing on the wall doesn’t match the writing on my arms? Should I be afraid? Should I be alarmed? ‘Cause maybe we’re all just lost, and the more lost we are, the better we relate. While we search for what we are, search for what we fake. How long before the notes all run together and the songs become anthems that parody themselves? I scream about the people who I want to be. I live much differently in my ideals than in my actions. At the end of the day, all I can do is profit off the errors of others.
Track Name: Grow Up?
All is quiet on the eastern shore
And these days I can't help getting bored
And hoping that there's better things in store

The end is coming soon
But I've still got so much to prove
Is everybody moving on while I can barely move?

The winter clouds don't float away
The sun gets colder everyday
A constant reminder of our expiration date

Will we try to make it count or are we just waiting it out?

And when the smoke clears will we find ourselves in suits?
And at the end of the day is that all we're here to do?
Get a job, buy a car, drive it straight to some shitty bar
And drown out the sound of the things we always wanted and the things we never were



All's quiet on the eastern shore
And I'm grateful I can still get bored
'Cause that's a luxury not many can afford

And if this song takes me nowhere
That's where I want to be
In the arms of my friends and blurry nights that never end

The summer breeze gets warmer every night
And I don't care if they say we did it right
Because they don't have the right
I'll try to overcome my doubts
I'll do my best to make it count

And when the smoke clears we'll have ourselves to face
But we are young and full of love and full of life we cannot waste
Get a job, buy a car, those things can't tell us who we are
And we'll never stop the sound
Even when our throats get red
We won't stop sing 'till we're dead